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Swift Microwave Treatment for Verrucas in Birmingham

The state-of-the-art revolutionary microwave therapy to treat verrucas is Swift. Swift is a cutting-edge modern piece of technology. It doesn’t use any needles, injections or creams and is fast and easy to use. We have over 20 years of know-how in treating verrucas in Birmingham.

Swift is pioneering technology that was established in the UK. It has been permitted for use in Dermatology and Podiatry for the treatment of skin lesions. It is a device that is handheld and uses microwave energy to abolish verrucas.

During the course of the Swift treatment a patient may feel minor discomfort but normally patients experience a small prickly sensation for around a couple of seconds that quickly reduces. The podiatrist might have to reduce the lesion with a blade before going ahead with the treatment. After the treatment, patients may feel some sensitivity but this shouldn’t affect continuing with normal daily activities.

The number of treatments you will need will be determined by how many verrucas you have, the location of the verrucas, how long you have had them and how you respond to the treatment. A podiatrist will discuss what will happen during the treatment and how many treatments you could need. Some patients need a second treatment or more which can take place after 2 weeks or a month apart. Every patient is unique and it depends on how you respond to the treatment.

How does Swift Microwave Therapy work?

swift verruca wart

The natural way for the body to attack warts and verrucas is using keratinocytes in the skin, these trigger dendritic cells so that the T cells get to work at dissipating the infection. When verrucas are tenacious, this indicates the healing course has been interrupted and that the immune system is not alertedthat a verruca is present.

Swift microwave therapy helps in directing signals from the skin to the immune system. This is done by motivating the keratinocytes to encourage dendritic cells to do their job. The thermal response from Swift causes the heat stress protein to produce and that encourages a robust immune reaction. These reactions support and provoke an immune response that makes the verruca shrivel and eventually disappear.

Is Microwave Therapy Safe?

Most of us use microwaves to cook and heat food in the kitchen, but microwaves are also used daily in many other ways. If you use a cordless phone at home, a mobile phone device, or Bluetooth or WiFi, all these use microwaves to direct data over short distances. GPs in Sat Navs and TomToms also use microwaves. We interact with microwave technology daily so that makes microwave therapy as safe as any of these things.



What to expect during Microwave Therapy

verruca microwave

The Swift machine uses a disposable head. When charged it has a life of about 15 minutes. This device can be used to treat many areas on the same day you visit a podiatrist. Most treatments take 2 to 5 seconds, this can increase to 10 seconds.

A slight discomfort may be felt during the fourth and fifth second. This will seize as soon as the treatment ends. The discomfort felt will vary on the individual but there is hardly ever any lasting pain.

The Swift comes with a head that is 7mm wide. Large verrucas are treated by coinciding the applications.The skin is not damaged during the Swift treatment. There are no cuts, no lesions to cover and no blood. Also there is no need to keep the area dry. As soon as the treatment is finished you can carry on with normal activities without having to change anything.

The skin will not be left with any marks or scars. The next couple of days after the treatment has taken place, you could notice the verruca has changed colour, it may appear to look like a dark bruise. The large verrucas might not disappear straight away but the size will noticeably be reduced before clearing. Some people have verrucas that just peel off. Most verrucas clear up after 3 treatments but some very stubborn ones could need more treatments. After the final Swift treatment, it can take another 3 months for the verruca to vanish as the immune system needs time to catch up.

How often is Swift Therapy needed?

Swift therapy treatments are typically every 1 to 3 weeks. This is so that the immune system has time to do its job and for the skin to repair itself. Having treatments that are close together will not help to achieve better results from Swift therapy.

What type of results will I get?

All patients respond differently, the number of treatments required to remove a verruca can be dependent on how long you have had them, the location, how many you have, and how you respond to treatment. A vast majority of verruca will be treated successfully in 3 treatments.  Each treatment is 1 - 3 weeks apart depending on the patient. We will discuss this with you at your initial assessment. A clinical study carried out by the University Of Southampton recruited 32 adults with one or more persistent verrucae for a course of up to 4 treatments, roughly 4 weeks apart. In order to be eligible for the research, patients had to have had their verruca for at least 1 year and failed to respond to previous treatments. The results showed that out of 54 verruca treated with Swift Microwave Therapy, 76% of verrucae had resolved with 94% of the resolved verrucae having cleared after 3 treatments or less.





The cost of Swift Verruca Treatment?
Swift Treatment at the Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic is delivered in the form of a treatment package.

Our Swift Treatment Package comprises of:

Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic charges a full inclusive price for the above-mentioned treatment package for £390

You can also opt for a single treatment which is £150 (most children respond very well to a single treatment)



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