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Verruca Treatment Birmingham


A verruca is a wart on the foot and is caused by a virus. This virus is known as the human papillima virus. Most viral skin infections are caused by this virus. Verrucas can affect anyone at any age, nevertheless school aged children tend to be affected more as verrucas are commonly thought to spread in swimming pools and changing rooms.
Some verrucas are painful and some are not. Not all verrucas look the same. Usually a verruca will be an individual separate wound with small black dots in the middle. There may be a callus around it. Verrucas enter into the skin very deeply and are not raised when putting weight on it. Verrucas are more painful when squeezed compared to when walking on them.

If verrucas are very painful or quickly spreading then they will require treatment. Pop into the chemist and speak to the pharmacist. They will be able to advice you on the best treatment for your verruca. Before applying the gel or the ointment it may be necessary to file down the verruca with an emery board. Do not use anything sharp for this.

If you enjoy going swimming and have a verruca then we advice you to cover the foot that is affected and wear a verruca sock to stop the infection from spreading.

If your verruca is not clearing up then seek advice from a Podiatrist. There is no one definite treatment for verrucas as there are many types of verruca. A lot of the treatments purpose is to kill the tissue that is infected. Most treatments that are applied directly to the verruca contain acid. Some have thermal agents to freeze the verruca. As a last resort surgery is an option where the verruca is cut under anaesthetic.

We offer a variety of treatments for verrucas such as Dry needling for verrucas , Cryotherapy and Electrosurgery