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Tibialis Anterior Tendon Inflammation

The huge muscle that goes down the outside of the shin is known as the tibialis anterior muscle. The tendon in this muscle is at the front of the ankle and can be felt when touched. Its job is to move the foot inwards (inversion) and upwards (dorsi flexion). The tendon sheath at the front of the ankle can be sore when it is inflamed. This is usually from activities that overuse this tendon such as running continuously on hard surfaces or playing sports like tennis and badminton where you have to repeatedly change direction.

Some symptoms you may experience are:

If you are suffering from tibialis anterior tendon inflammation then here is what you should do:

You may need a rehabilitation programme and orthotics to help you make a full recovery. Our podiatrists will be able to advise what’s best for you.


We offer a variety of treatments for this condition, contact us for further information.