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Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

knee pain


The common signs of knee osteoarthritis are stiffness and knee pain. These symptoms develop slowly which leads to people blaming old age or not exercising enough thus causing knee pain. Many people don’t think twice about the early symptoms they are experiencing until the condition worsens and you are at a standstill and unable to carry out everyday activities without pain.
Some common symptoms and signs of knee osteoarthritis:

Recognising symptoms early on are important as this can help you get the right treatment which can slow down or stop the development of knee osteoarthritis.

Knee Stiffness

The knee can be less flexible if there is swelling of the knee joint or friction from the bones rubbing together. This can also limit the range of motion of the knee. Someone suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis may not be able to straighten the leg or the knee. Some people only notice stiffness of the knee in the morning or after sitting still for a lengthy period of time. Swelling may or may not be present when there is stiffness.

Knee Pain

Pain is the most common symptom of knee osteoarthritis. The type of pain a person may experience will depend on their individual circumstances. Some people may experience a dull ache and then intense flare ups. Some people may experience pain when carrying out strenuous activities where extra pressure is applied to the knee or walking up the stairs or bending down. Resting and using an ice compress can generally ease this kind of knee pain.

Knee Swelling
When cartilage in the knee begins to wear away then the shin and thigh bones start to rub together. This causes friction and swelling of the knee. When the knee is swollen it may feel warm to touch or even feel like it is burning. The knee may also look red.

Knee Buckling

People who are suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis may feel that at times the knee gives way under them; it feels like the knee is buckling. This can be due to the deteriorating cartilage breaking and getting stuck between the joints. Knee buckling incidents are unpredictable but usually occur when walking down the stairs or getting up from a seated position, anything the puts pressure on the knee.

Knee Popping
Bending the knees and hearing a popping sound is a sign that the cartilage has worn away and is not protecting the knee joint or the bones from friction anymore. This is known as crepitus.

Sedentary Lifestyle
Knee osteoarthritis is at its worse after sitting for a long period of time or waking up in the morning. This stiffness can be very painful.
Generally knee osteoarthritis symptoms tend to come and go and over months and years they worsen. This is not always the case though.


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