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What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an innovative procedure that can get rid of pain by directly working on the primary cause of that pain. Compared to other treatments that only provide temporary relief, this treatment provides lasting long term relief.
Prolotherapy encourages long term lasting relief from pain by motivating the body’s capability to repair itself.
There are many conditions that react well to prolotherapy. Some of these conditions are:

How will Prolotherapy help?

Prolotherapy encourages long term lasting relief from pain by motivating the body’s capability to repair itself. Prolotherapy works by a injecting a local anaesthetic mixed with an intense dextrose into joint capsules, tendons and ligaments that are affected. By doing this the body’s natural capability to fix tendon fibers, tissues and ligaments is stimulated. Having numerous treatments will boost the affected area to get stronger and repair itself. A medical practitioner will create a specific plan just for you.

How long does Prolotherapy take?

Prolotherapy treatments are carried out every two to six weeks until you can go back to your usual activities without experiencing pain. Each session of prolotherapy should take around 30 minutes. There is no need for a general anaesthetic, having surgery, staying in hospital or needing a long time to recover. Prolotherapy will ease pain without any of the hassle. Generally straight after this procedure most people go back to work or their daily activities.

What can I expect after this procedure?

To begin with there may be some slight short term swelling and stiffness. Some people notice a difference after the initial session and some will notice progression after each consecutive session. Overall prolotherapy has proven to be successful in most cases, with permanent results being achieved quite often. These people are able to go back to enjoying life and carrying out normal day to day activities like going for a walk or returning to playing sport without any of the pain.




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