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Footballer’s Ankle

A bony growth positioned at the front of the ankle is known as a footballer’s ankle. This bony growth is where the joint capsule joins onto the ankle. Footballer’s ankle can occur when the ankle has twisted or stretched too much after an injury. You may experience some tenderness and pain when touching and prodding the ankle joint at the front. Moving the foot downwards and upwards can also cause pain, as well as shooting pain at the front of the ankle when playing football and kicking a ball. A bony spur may be felt at the front of the ankle.

Surgery may be required if the bony growth is large. Wearing an ankle support will help support the ankle and keep it warm.  A rehabilitation programme may be suitable for a recent injury. This will involve strengthening, stretching and movement exercises. A podiatrist could give you a steroid injection where rest will be needed afterwards. Sports massage can help activate the tissue at the front of the ankle. When you are pain free then a rehabilitation programme will be needed to make sure the ankle is functioning properly the way it should.




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