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Cosmetic Podiatry


Dr Foot Podiatry service offers a range of cosmetic podiatry treatments.


Medical Pedicure

Dr Foot is the authority on feet and the pioneer of the medical pedicure.

This 45 minute treatment is renowned for creating the perfect sole; performed by one of our qualified Podiatrists it is a complete overhaul of the feet, addressing the foot in its entirety and the pedicure is performed on a dry foot to ensure exceptionally long lasting results. You begin with a therapeutic gel foot spa infused with refreshing tea tree and grapefruit essential oils, the feet are transformed with the safe surgical removal of all dead and dry skin and callus. A warm wax foot treatment is given to the feet to relax muscles and increases hydration in the skin. The nails are shaped, buffed and re-hydrated, and the feet are left revitalized, and glowing. A deep foot massage using mobilisation techniques is given which helps to ensure all joints and ligaments are functioning in the manner they are meant to and this also helps to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety. This fusion of health and beauty utilises amazing range of foot care products leaving the feet re-energized.



Warm Wax treatment for Feet

The Heat Orb wax therapy increases blood flow, tolerance for pain, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin. Intended to moisturise and soften the skin while providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints. Making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain.

A soothing softening heat therapy for healthier looking skin. A relaxing warming experience. A combination of paraffin wax and jojoba, coconut and essential oils. Especially good for nourishing dry skin.

Nail Reconstruction for Fungal, Split, Cracked or Missing Nails

LCN Wilde-Pedique is a system of nail reconstruction where individual nails are moulded to create a personalised fit and colour match for each patient. The nails are made from an extremely strong, elastic gel which sets when exposed to UV-A light. It has been developed specifically for correcting and restoring missing or damaged toe nails.

The acrylester gel resin has the ability to bond to any surface and is very effective on many types of damage as it can conceal ridges, deformities and hide discolouration from fungal nail conditions. The Wilde-Pedique prosthetic nail system can also be used where the nail has been surgically removed.

The Wilde-Pedique gel will essentially look and cut just as a regular toe nail. The results can be very long lasting, but may need refilling every 6-8 weeks until the natural nail has fully re-grown.

The treatment is suitable for both men and woman as there is a choice of a natural matt or a glossy French Polish finish. The gel is also available in a variety of colours to match in with most natural nail shades and if desired your other nails can be given an overlay to create a matching cosmetic finish.

nail reconstruction


Nail Reconstruction can be used on:


Foot Massage And Mobilisation

Foot mobilization therapy is a form of manual therapy incorporating chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy techniques which involves the application of low grade force to a joint of the foot or ankle to increase the range of motion .It works by reducing the stiffness of the joint which is caused by an increase in the collagen cross fibril linkages. Foot mobilization can be used to treat any stiff/restricted joint in the foot or ankle and can lead to improved foot and lower limb function of the foot and ankle and a reduction or elimination of associated symptoms.


Nail Care Treatment

Toe nails are trimmed, shaped, buffed and re hydrated.


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