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Fungal Nail Treatment Birmingham




For many years, Podiatrists worldwide have been challenged with the common problem of Onychomycosis (fungal nail infection). Traditional methods of treatment are ineffective because the active ingredients usually cannot penetrate to the whole of the infection. For the patient, this means months or years of unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable nails.

Finally, there is a simple solution to this complex problem... CMP or clearanail is an innovative, brand-new concept, which has been developed using the latest technological advances.

At Dr Foot podiatry clinic we are excited to be able to offer CMP treatment for fungal nail infections. CMP is Controlled Micro Penetration and which empowers podiatrists to make micro pathways through the nail plate - without penetrating the nail bed. This creates deeper access into the areas of infection rather than just the surface of the nail, for the subsequent application of a topical treatment solution. This in turn leads to clearing of the infection in a shorter time.

Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic can now offer this revolutionary treatment to their patients, which guarantees results over conventional methods.

What is CMP?

Clearanail uses Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), which is a patented technology. This ensures that the micro-cutter only removes nail plate tissue and will not cause damage to the nail bed beneath. Produces very precise holes 0.4mm in diameter which allow for the topical anti fungal medication which will be provided to access to the whole nail bed.


What is the treatment?

Only 1 visit is required to prepare the affected nails to commence treatment with an appropriate anti fungal preparation. Each of the tiny holes can be drilled in less than five seconds.

Treatments can then be applied leading to clearing of the infection and healthy-looking nails in a short space of time. Visible results are guaranteed within two weeks.

fungus nails



fungal nails treatment birmingham


Klenz® Footwear

As part of your fungal nail treatment we now Klenz® your footwear, sanitizing and deodorizing in only 8 minutes at the Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic!

Using Silver Nano-technology, Klenz® breaks down and eliminates bacteria, fungi and odours in your footwear to help prevent re-infection!


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