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Big Toe Joint Pain


Big toe joint pain is commonly known as hallux limitus. There are lots of causes for big toe joint pain. If you have suffered from this condition for several years and your joint stiffness has worsened then it is likely you are suffering from arthritis also known as hallux limitus. If this condition has been bought about after an injury or there is inflammation near the joint then it is important to seek advice from a medical practitioner.

Suffering from big toe joint pain increases with age. It is not common to suffer from it from birth to 20 years old unless inflammatory joints or an injury are a factor.


Osteoarthritis (hallux limitus) can cause pain in the big toe joint after increased activity, pain is relieved after taking rest. It may be difficult to move the big toe joint or you may experience a grinding like feeling. If there is pain in other joints or swelling at the same time as pain in the big toe joint then it will probably not be from osteoarthritis. It is more likely to be from an infection or other health problems. It's important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.


If pain lasts for more than 24 hours in your big toe joint then do not try to treat it yourself, seek advice from a health practitioner. If the pain has just begun then take over the counter painkillers and get plenty of rest. It is very important to figure out the cause of the pain so the condition can be treated accordingly and properly.

If osteoarthritis (hallux limitus) is the cause of the big toe joint pain then the treatment to treat it effectively will be based on how severe the joint has altered over time. This condition can be treated with the use of an orthotic if it is caught early enough. Usually this condition arises from an abnormality in the foot. If this condition worsens and the joint stiffens then treatments such as mobilisation of the joint, injection therapy or realignment done surgically can be beneficial.

Diagnosing the cause of the big toe joint is vital. There are many treatments available to ensure this condition can be treated effectively and you can continue with day to day activities without any problems.


We offer a variety of treatments to treat big toe pain such as Custom Orthotics and Injection Therapy